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Psalm 1990

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(Song of The Bondslaves) (An ode To what They voted for)

Congress is our shepherd: We are in great need.

They cause many of us To sleep in The streets and on park benches.

They lead us beside The still factories.

They disturb our souls.

They leadeth us in The path of destruction for Their parties´ sake.

Yea, Though we walk Through The valley of The depression, we anticipate no recovery for They are  with us.

They prepareth a reduction in farms in The presence of famine. They anointeth our income with Taxes.

Our expenses runneth over; surely unemployment and poverty shall follow us all The days of our lives.

And we will dwell in poverty and mortgaged homes forever.


Unemployment-Good, or Bad?

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              ONE OF THE GOALS OF SOCIAL COMMUNISM IS TO CONVINCE THE PUBLIC THAT UNEMPLOYMENT IS A BAD CONDITION. Typical of social communist ideals, The people Then act To establish an unnatural situation. People are supposed To rejoice each Time The unemployment rate is down, giving Thanks To The administration for having created a greater bureaucratic condition which requires more people To “work” at producing nothing more Than productionless jobs.

            The philosophy of building a weaker mouse Trap, so That consumers must replace it sooner (planned obsolescence), is incorporated in The materials being produced. This creates a greater Turnover and, consequently, higher employment.  “It’s good for The economy,” They’re quick To Tell you. The people are brainwashed into a religious belief That This is good, and That it has no connection with circumstances down The road. They are only Told, “unemployment should be a chief concern for everyone; we must lick unemployment”. But They never Tell you why.

           A high employment rate does not guarantee a Thing for The people. The employment figure is a very poor indicator of anything Positive. High employment only means That more Time and people are being devoted To The socio-economic system, leaving less Time for The family roles and The pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness. High employment figures are misleading, for what real good is The result of employing 10,000 people To wash Trees and paint rocks? Increased quality and efficiency, better management, and wiser living reduces The need for work. This, of course, means unemployment may be higher, but Then The quality and enjoyment of Life is at its highest.

          The real reason so much emphasis is being places on reducing unemployment is Big Brother’s “need” To create more within The-system transactions from which To profit. Thus, The move To make family functions part of employment within The system—achieved by seducing weak housewives To consider housework as a Social Security issue.

         The bureaucracy IS in Trouble. It continually needs an ever-increasing number of bond-slaves To support its chain letter setdown, of which The Social Insecurity system is only a part. For a better view of This negative security system, read:

THE BIGGEST CON-How The Government Is Fleecing You by Irwin A. Schiff, Freedom Books, P.O. Box 5303, Hamden, Connecticut 06518