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True Science Vs. Modern Science (or) Measurements vs. Experiments.

     Originally science was defined as a state of knowing, as opposed To belief. Today, science has degraded into a systemized structure of observation, study, and experimentation carried on in order To determine The nature or principle of That which is being studied. Stop and Think about The great difference That lies between These Two meanings.

         Today, The pillars of ¨modern¨ science are stuck within The limited abilities of how well its scientists interpret The readings They obtain from Their observations, studies, and experiments.

         A good example of This situation resulted in NASA´s reply To Peanuts Carter when he asked Them To investigate The ¨UFO phenomenon¨. NASA´s answer was, ¨We have nothing To measure¨. Well, That was True. NASA had attempted To measure something which was inconceivable in Their presently known world. NASA´s 3 1/2-dimensional-procedure observing minds didn´t even do as well as Their Technical registering equipment.

        It is not machines at which I point an accusing finger; it is men. In The case of The ¨UFO enigma¨, it has been left To These men–The scientists, politicians, and The news media–To communicate To The public what ¨modern¨ science has come up with.

        Communication is The crux, for it is within communication That The key lies To understanding, and understanding we must, if we are To communicate at The highest level for Total Positive progress. The Perfect Facts are now available for Those who care To look, see, and hear. Communicating These Perfect Facts To others is The current difficult step.

        In The process of establishing The highest form of communication between any Two parties, There needs To be a method of describing points in exact Terms. Man has at his disposal pure mathematics as his only exact science. Therefore, mathematics is The purest physical means of contacting intelligence or conversing intelligently at This Time. I am not herein considering The superior form which requires lesser degree of friction in That of so-called mental Telepathy owing To man´s present extreme state of degradation.

       The modern English language of Today is merely a form of ultimate babylon. What is considered acceptable speech in The various circles of Today is only a further degradation of earlier languages.* Rather Than projecting The course of development of The future English language, we would be wiser To Trace The derivations, pushing These further back To where we see The reappearance of a form of rhythmical compostion To The sentances. At This age, The sentances are in verse form, arranged metrically in accordance with stress and length, pitch and pause. You should no be asking yourself if There is something more To poetry Than you had Thought…or music–¨sentences¨ of patterned strong and weak beats in a measure.

      Continuing back we find The language of numbers reappearing. The greatest history book presently available To The masses, The Bible (although incomplete Today because of man´s deteriorating, destructive actions, and The many Translations it has undergone), is one example of a book That was first recorded at a Time when its ¨writers¨ understood The communicating form of numbers. Contained within The Bible There are certain sacred phrases and words, which The CREATOR did not allow man To prevert beyond a certain degree, which retain higher, hidden meanings and can be returned To numbers for proving certain Perfect Facts.


        If we resume our Tracing back To earlier Times, we would find That communication with numbers had degraded from The earlier form which was MEASURES. Measures are The communicating method of our CREATOR. One example remaining Today of The method of Measures communication is That of The Great Pyramid, magnificently constructed by The Positive Section of The O.D.F., in which all Measurements are significant. There are few Today who call This great work ¨The Bible in Stone¨.

        Whether you Take The Great Pyramid, The original Bible, or The modern words That come out of The O.D.F.-A.T.A. Base Operation, you find compatibility among The Three and Their communicative forms. Unfortunately, however, The first Two have been affected by Time. Although The first Two had connections To our CREATOR´s MEASURES, now A.T.A. Base has direct physical connection with HIS MEASURES, carried in The belly of The Command Starship Ark, which is an Absolute established for man´s standard. This Absolute is what gives reality its relativity, and also relativity its reality. Think about it!

       In The meantime, with his ¨modern¨ science, man reaches out–observing, studying, and experimenting with his surroundings (much as does a baby in its first months after birth). In This process of familiarizing, he must establish relevances. This proceeding, in fact, derives notions of limitations; space (distance) and speed (change). (Energy is merely a component of change.) But man´s monumental mistake began when he established These relevances relative To himself. Where one places one´s references, while attempting an understanding of one´s surroundings, has a highly crucial significance in determining whether or not The person grasps reality.

       Man´s relevance with Time (man´s present 3 1/2-dimensional Knowledge of Time, plus The Knowledge of The 4th and 5th Dimensions which he has lost) is what he should be seeking To understand and Take note of. Man may construct a clock or watch and Then set it or he may change his 3 1/2-dimensional account of Time from Central Standard To Daylight-savings Time, The sun, The stars, nor any Time Station is changed when man resets his clock-Time (3 1/2-dimensional Time).


       Man is relative To Time in That The CREATOR´S Time allows man a place in which To qualify himself. Time influences man. Man does not influence Time. That is, man´s Time-place in Time is small and does not create nor alter Time. Therefore, man must Take into account his relevances To Those TIMED and MEASURED events and Those results of actions (cause and effect) Throughout The process of Time. Noteworthy–The builders of Stonehenge were superior To modern man in This sense, for They paid close attention To Time. How many view Stonehenge as indicating To its keepers not The movement of The sun or stars To Themselves, but The movements and relation of Time Station Earth and its occupants To The Heavens? Some might ask, ¨What´s The difference?¨ The magnitude of This point concerns The matter of establishing and ecologated perspective and, Therefore, correctly ordered priorities. What happens in The Heavens (macrocosm) affects man. That is, The Heavens influence man. Man reflects This action of The Heavens. However, T.S.E. reflects or reacts To The Heavens before man does (or before he becomes aware). By observing T.S.E.´s reflection, change, or shift in relativity To The Heavens, man can know what he must do in advance.

            Effects are a Two-way street. Man could influence The Heavens if he were allowed To, i.e., man could make T.S.E. a black (dead) planet (altering The microcosm). This, if it happened, would result in affects To The Heavens. This action would make humatons (degenerated man) very happy because They would be affecting Creation, Thereby making Themselves greater Than Their CREATOR. Man, affecting Creation on a large scale is against Universal Law.

           The Battle between man and Heaven is not new. Any open study of The present spiritualists, UFOnuts, New Age contacts and ways of dealing with The Battle situation clearly shows That These above mentioned oppose, as did many in The past, The O.D.F.-A.T.A. Base Operation. We are The only ones That are Totally pro-YAHWEH. Every 7,000 years The Positive Section of The O.D.F. must base on T.S.E. for 1,000 years for The purpose of setting Things in order again so man does not destroy himself and, Therefore, cause an effect in The Heavens.

           Man must place his references (relevances) To coincide with The points of our CREATOR´S Absolute. Our CREATOR´S MEASURES are for This purpose.

           Time was created by our CREATOR before man was.  Therefore, it is we who pass in Time. That is To say, man moves within Time. Time does not change, it is we and all Thngs, including energy, That change within Time. Time is The certainty in which man must establish himself. Man must conform To The framework of events That are TIMED and MEASURED or he destroys himself.

Everything is on Time, as everything is in Time. Time changes everything, and Time waits for no one.

            The Second Law of Thermodynamics has been frequently assumed To rule The Universe. With This erroneous assumption, modern science imprisions all followers into This self-made 3 1/2-dimensional cubasphere (man´s limits of his known dimensions or surroundings). This is one reason why The graduates of The red educational system cannot deal with A.T.A. Base. These followers of The Second Law of Thermodynamics have built a proud ¨structure¨ ( a ¨scientific¨ community; actually a pseudo scientific cult) which is nw imperiled by any expansion of The intellect Thru The Perfect Facts of 5-Dimensional Knowledge which far exceed The conceptual or experimental limits set by The institutions of man. Most of Those who become aware That a problem exists within Their pseudo scientific community, seek To escape Their prison by Taking up religio-philosophies (further belief structures); Thereby missing The mark or choosing To remain ignorant of The Perfect Facts of Universal Law. In The course of discovering Themselves in a self-created problem, They create a bigger future problem in order To cover-up The present existing problem. They liberalize Their standards, principles, and structure; Thereby liberalizing The relevance of relativity—in effect, Throwing The baby out with The dirty bath water. This ultimately results in Their becoming divorced from reality.

        Man, with his limitedly measured relativity, attempts To study and understand reality. He measures some–in his 3 1/2-dimensional way, communicates This To his neighbor–utilizing ultimate babylon (a poor method) , and yet expects To correctly define where his priorities lie.

        It is not science That is evil; it is man´s ways n his scientific efforts with no absolutes That are evil. In science, as in other matters, one must select one of Two foundations: The negative if restricted To 3 1/2 dimensions, or The Positive  which embraces The full 5 Dimensions. The foundation upon which science is built determines whether or not it stands The full Test of Time. And This is what reality is all about!


What Time is it?

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“To every Thing There is a season, and a Time To every purpose under The heaven.” (Eccl. 3:1)

        Do you know what Time it is? Do you know what The season is?

         It is ARMAGEDDON! You are in The Time of war! You are in The midst of The greatest war known To man—The battle between The Positive and negative forces at The end of an age. Time Station Earth is at war with The OUTER DIMENSIONAL FORCES of your One God, The Great YAHWEH! DO NOT FORGET THIS!

         This is The Time for decision and action! This is not The Time for prayers and wishful Thinking. Your destiny is smack in you own hands. It is your decision and choice of action That will determine your fate. Your Total existence is at stake! Take hold of your life and fight for your right To survival, and Positive Life in The Millennial Age. This is your Time for action. Do not put off until Tomorrow what you can do Today for your survival. Tomorrow may not come! Overcome your negative Tendencies, fight your weaknesses.

        The negative Birthright empire conditions you against self-determination and responsibility for your actions. But your CREATOR and HIS O.D.F. hold you personally responsibile for your actions. Under Universal Law There is no forgiveness of sins commited in ARMAGEDDON! You adults with children under you—They are your responsibility. If They perish under The due activation of Seal #6, Their blood shall be on your hands. Take heed! Take action To protect Them and yourselves!

       Do not be deluded by The negative forces who say all is peace, and all is love, and have no fear, There is no danger. For it is written That when They Talk of peace and safety, Then sudden destruction will come upon Them like a Thief in The night and catch Them unawares.

       Armageddon is a war To purge and cleanse. It is The Time of separating The wheat from The Tares. It is not  political war with profit-motivated, bloodsucking peace pacts with The enemy. There will be no quarter given To The vanquished! Utter and Total destruction awaits Them! The RED leaders of This country have sealed its fate! The subjects who voted These leaders into position shall reap what They have sown. But you can come out of “her”! To survive, you MUST! (Rev. 18:4-8)

      Do you know how To  COME OUT OF HER (ULTIMATE BABYLON)? If you do not know HOW, Then you cannot OBEY HIS command, and Commander Hamashiia accepts no pleas of ignorance in Armageddon.

      If you are shocked by These strong words…well, fine! This is as it needs be! It’s Time To wake up and come alive! We aren’t going To soft-soap you. Survival is hard! The road is straight and narrow! We are ready To help real men, women, and families who can face Their CREATOR’S reality of Perfect Facts and do something about it! Get on fire for your survival! Our CREATOR has no use for lukewarmness in HIS people! Be either hot or cold!


The Great Pyramid of The Gizeh Plateau

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pyramid giza

    Ten miles southwest of The centre of Cairo, Egypt, and opposite To The village of Gizeh, a unique pyramid stands on The west side of The Nile Valley, 198 feet above sea level, at The margin of The Great Sahara Desert. This scientific revelation has stood Through millennia as a magnificent witness To declare The Great Divine Plan of The MASTER ARCHITECT in regard To Time Station Earth. This is The Great Pyramid of Giza, or The Gizeh Plateau—The oldest and only remaining one of The Seven Wonders of The Ancient World. Giza is The Arabic word for border or edge; Thus it is:

 The Great Pyramid of The Border

“In That day There shall be an altar of YAHWEH in The midst of The land of Egypt, and a pillar (correct Hebrew Translation is: monument) “at The border Thereof To YAHWEH. And it shall be for a witness unto YAHWEH of Hosts in The land of Egypt.” Isaiah 19:19-20

       The only place on Time Station Earth That scientifically qualifies as The one just referred To in Isaiah, is The exact site where The Great Pyramid stands. Covering a little over 13 acres, The world’s heaviest and most massive structure as constructed at The exact center of The Total land area of Time Station Earth, right over a conjunction of Leys.

       According To Gematria (The return of letters and/or words To The numerical values from whence They came) The value of Isaiah 19:19-20 Totals 5449, and The finished height of The Great Pyramid was 5449 inches.


        The Great Pyramid was so masterfully constructed That man has never been, or ever shall be, able To build any structure To its equal without 5-Dimensional assistance—possible only if man wills To elevate himself To The place of subjection To The Positive Birthright Way of Life. The surface stones—some weighing 16 of more Tons—were cemented Together with a Thickness of approximately 1/50th of an inch!

        On completion, The reflection of The sun upon its glossy surface—like huge mirrors—caused it To shine as a dazzling star, which was visible at very great distances! The highly polished surface stones have been estimated To have numbered approximately 144,000.

        As The beauty of This fabulous Colossus was revealed, The kings of Egypt coveted such a Super Structure for The glory of Their own kingdoms. Thus The land was eventually studded with many imitations. Theirs, however, were Tombs for The dead. But The Great Pyramid is The only on which has ventilators and an empty, lidless coffer. This is a Temple of LIFE!

        From whatever side you view The Great Pyramid, it represents The Positive Birthright symbol (The upright Triangle of The Starshield of David and of The Seal of Solomon).


         It is correctly referred To as The Bible in Stone. Though for Thousands of years it has been Thought To be no more Than The mysterious Tomb of an Egyptian king, it is now unmistakably clear That The impact of The knowledge of The Great Divine Pyramid, one of The greatest archaeological discoveries of This Cosmic Age, is being realized.

         Much was learned about The Great Pyramid when man gained The knowledge of how To square The circle. His knowledge of measurements was enlarged so That he could manufacture more intricate friction devices, and Thereby speed up The debt creation of The RED empire. Thus man built up an impetus To enhance The negative Birthright. For a Time he made it work, but The results now of That impetus, which are not good, are beginning To showing up.

         The Total impact of The knowledge of The Great Pyramid will be fully realized when The Capstone is returned. The Capstone is now in The Time Bank, and will be restored To The Pyramid by The 5-Dimensional Ships. With The Capstone back on, The key To The remaining mysterious Measurements will be revealed. Man Thinks he has The entire key To it, but it doesn’t always fit. His key fits for awhile, but at Times it doesn’t. The same is True of The Bible. Man doesn’t have The entire key To its Timing, and in The Pyramid he has The negative (material) Measurements, but he doesn’t have The Positive part of The Measurements, which are invisible at This Time because The Pyramid is not activated. Therefore, man only has a partial knowledge of it, just as he has only a partial history of The Bible.

        The Capstone was Taken away because man refused it, and That which it represented—The Positive Way of Life. And, just as man rejected The Type, or Symbol, so did he reject its fulfillment—his Saviour, YAHSHUA HAMASHIIA.  “Behold, I lay in Sion…for a foundation a stone, a Tried stone…a chief corner stone, elect, precious…a sure foundation…and  he That believeth on HIM shall not be confounded. Unto you, Therefore, which believe, HE is precious; but unto Them which be disobedient, The which The builders refused, The same is made The head of The corner, and a stone of stumbling , and a rock of offence, even To Them which stumble at The Word, being disobedient; whereunto also They were appointed.” (I Peter 2:6-8, Isaiah 28:16) “Now, Therefore, ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with The saints, and of The household of God; and are built upon The foundation of The apostles and prophets, YAHSHUA Himself being The Chief Cornerstone, in Whom all The building fitly framed Together groweth unto an holy Temple in The Lord, in Whom ye also are builded Together for an habitation of God Through The Spirit.” (Ephesians 2:19-22) Thus, YAHSHUA is The Head of The Pyramid—HIS imminent Kingdom here on earth.


            Man can no more have The Capstone on The Pyramid under The administration of The negative Birthright Than he can have The Transverceiver Power Units. In spite of The fact That man lost That dimension and a half of knowledge, he Thinks he can have everything under This negative Birthright, which is not a perfect fact. He can only have The friction/pollution devices. To have The non-friction, non-pollutive life supports he must give up his bloodsucking, give up The negative Birthright, and accept The Positive Birthright Government.

             The purpose of The Pyramid is To present valuable knowledge—of its construction and design, and The Positive knowledge That will clear up whatever mystery it still presents.  Once all These Things have been revealed, The contrast between The ignorance and foolishness of life as it as under The rule of The negative Birthright and The superior Way of Life as it is in The Millennium under The administration of The Positive Birthright shall be so great That it ill be difficult To imagine how anyone could have been satisfied with The husks of The pigpen when They could have feasted in The Palace!

            This knowledge has been “sealed up” until This Time of The end of man’s 6,000-year rule (6 is The number of man), in accordance with YAHWEH’s schedule of perfect, MEASURED Timing.

            For Those who want proof, be aware That The Great CREATOR, YAHWEH, has richly provided it Through The Great Pyramid, built by people appointed of HIM, with The assistance of HIS 5-Dimensional Ships—a Divine work which cannot duplicate.  The proof That does not show up in The inactivated Pyramid at This Time, for man’s physical survival relative To The activation of The Sixth Seal, is now available only Through HIS Earth-based A.T.A. Base Operation.


Point Rendezvous

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In his quest To exalt his independence and crown himself King (God), man—The usurper—has chosen The negative way of life—The way which, in his own judgment, seems best. This is The way which recognizes none superior To self. Here, The primary dedication is To The flesh and its will, while The development of one´s  spirit—Thru respect, awe, and obedience To The will of YAHWEH—is ignored. This is The negative realm, where self is subject To none.

             As a result, all That man has Touched, he has rendered crooked, corrupted, and/or polluted.

             During This last 6,000-year cycle of man´s free moral agency, negative man has again plundered The earth´s range like The wild ass of Jeremiah 2. He has run The course of his appointed Time.

             The sands are fast passing Thru The hourglass of YAHWEH´s MEASURED Time.


             It is Time Station Earth´s midnight hour.


             The scene is set for The appearance of The long-awaited, glorious Bridegroom—He Whose Name is as sweet ointment poured forth. He shall some for His chosen. He shall say, as it were, ¨Come with Me from Lebanon, My spouse, with Me from Lebanon: look from The Top of Amana, from The Top of Shenir and Hermon…¨   And They say To His chosen, ¨What is Thy beloved more Than another beloved, O Thou fairest among women?¨ He is The Rose of Sharon, The Lily of The valleys, The Fairest of The fair, Song of songs, His countenance is as Lebanon, excellent as The cedars, Priceless Pearl, my Diadem and Life…He is altogether lovely.

            The Time when The crooked shall be made straight is close at hand. This Time State (Earth) shall be adjusted 6° (To its proper Measures for The Millennial Age) by The polar shift, which is due (The activation of The 6th Seal, Rev. 6:12-17), and The ley lines set in alignment.

            As in The days of Noah, when The Great YAHWEH saw That The wickedness of man was great in The earth…The earth was corrupt…filled with violence, so now The Time of violence, brutality, corruption, and oppression is near its end.

            The Time shall soon cease when negative man of The negative government administration grows fat and rich, not only from sucking The life´s blood of it´s bond-slave-citizen pawns Thru its manifold Tax network, but by The literal offering up of human sacrifices on The sacred alter of The god of The RED negative Birthright—basically debt creation and bond slaves…Thru The promotion and pursuit of Things such as (1) WAR and (2) commercialized SICKNESS and DISEASE. Once Big Brother has duped and/or conned his human assests (TV, movies, commercials, and news media give a Tremendous boost here), he is Then able To insure his investment by cloning humatons out of Them Thru further various clever and devious means (all profitable, of course) of mind control—such as fluoride, and commercialized, ¨refined¨(a SOPHISTICATED word for dead, man, DEAD!) foods.

          When Eve was beguiled by The super-salesman´s ploy That ¨you shall be gods¨, her desire for greater power Thru knowledge was being appealed To. However, The super-salesman ¨neglected¨ To Tell her That This knowledge was of a negative nature.

          At This End Time, man´s senses are being appealed To by The same super-salesman, who would have man Trade his precious Positive Birthright for another ¨mess of red pottage¨.

          Taste is everything. No matter That you will wind up with lung cancer and/or something else. It´s The Ta$te That counts! Your flesh and super-salesman are good buddies and Together with Big Brother, his Financier Fathers, and maybe a Godfather or Two, quite a bit of profit by racketeering is realized. considering The product sales, and Then The consequent pharmaceutical drug sales, employment of doctors and/or specialists, nurses, Technicians, anesthesiologists, radiation or other Therapy, plus rental of rooms for This aspect of The human sacrifice worship of The RED negative Birthright god. And Then, if The expense of all This ¨good¨ business fails, well, The undertakers are There To ¨help¨, Too. This is Big Brother´s  ¨admirable¨  of his  ¨grand¨ sub-standard sub-culture. And wouldn´t The ¨admirable¨ sub-citizen stooge rather fight FOR his present RED negative system Than switch?!

        No matter That you will prematurely age, become senile, and/or wind up in one of The Thousands of nursing homes or villages with senile palsy and nurses changing your diapers, while your gold is fleeced away.

       But it´s The Ta$te That matters, folks, so it´s on with The Show! And now let´s hear it from Deat White & The Bleachboys, with ¨These Are My Favorite Death-Dealing Things¨ (To The Tune of ¨My Favorite Things¨from The musical The Sound of Music):

White flour pastries and white flour pleasures,

White rice, white sugar, preservative pleasures,

Tobacco and colas and Sunday ham flings,

There are my favorite death dealing Things!


Stilbestrol-fried chicken and nitrite filled hot dogs,

Black Tea, and coffee, and lard from The hogs,

Aspirin and margarine give my heart wings,

These are my favorite death dealing Things!


When The Tax bites,

When The debt mounts,

When This slave feels sad,

I simply remember my death dealing Things,

And Then I don’t feel so-o bad.

           The Time is very near when all man-made disease, and The profiteering Therefrom, shall cease.

           ¨Why should ye be striken any more? Ye will revolt more and more: The whole head is sick, and The whole heart faint. From The sole of The foot even unto The head There is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores: They have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment,¨        Isaiah 1:5-6

           Man has not only corrupted himself and his fellow man, for The Temporal gain of his flesh, but would, if YAHWEH in HIS mercy did not intervene, so corrupt This Time Station That it would become a black planet.

           But YAHWEH shall step in and Take over!

           ¨The noise of a multitude in The mountains, like as of a great people; a tumultuous noise of The kingdoms of nations gathered Together: THE COMMANDER OF HOSTS MUSTERETH THE HOST OF THE BATTLE. They come from a far country, from The end of heaven, even YAHWEH, and The weapons of HIS indignation, To destroy The whole land. Behold, The day of YAHWEH cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, To lay The land desolate: and HE shall destroy The sinners Thereof out of it. ´And I will punish The world for Their eveil, and The wicked for Their iniquity; and I will cause The arrogancy of The proud To cease, and will lay low The haughtiness of The Terrible.´ And Babylon, The glory of kingdoms, The beauty of The Chaldees´ excellency, shall be as when YAHWEH overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah.¨                             (Isaiah 13:4,5,9,11 & 19)




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                   It has been said That when man ceases To explore, he stagnates and dies. This urge of man’s stems from his need To rediscover The  unknown, because therein lies his answers, his destiny, and his comfort. It is This urge To explore The unknown and To seek That comfort of Ultimate Knowledge That is now pushing mankind into what is claimed To be The final frontier, The Space Frontier. From The moon shot To The space probes To The present preparations of The space shuttle, plus all The unknown private projects , we witness This urge being realized. The movement into The space frontier has become a very important issue, adventure, and challenge To a large number of people. Exhibited in many different philosophies and programs, This movement is probably most comprehensively embodied in The expression S.M.I².L.E. Standing for Space Migration, Intelligence² and Life Extension, it expresses The most basic of human ideas, desires, and dreams connected with The space frontier; plus it is, in Full Reality, The very Things man must move Toward if he is To achieve a positive, continued existence.
                   But is it really The space frontier That man wants and should move into? Is it Thru The space frontier Tha man should seek To realize These necessary goals? Some would ask if man can even actually achieve such Things; is he capable of increasing his intelligence, extending his life span, and venturing forth into The cosmos? Indeed he can! These must not be Thequestions we dwell upon or remonstrate with. The moreimportant and seriously vital question we must ask is notwhether man can achieve something like S.M.I².L.E. at all,but whether he can achieve These valiant goals with hispresent resources, his present level of understanding and association with The Universe of Full Reality, and his way of life under The present negative system. Can he accomplish This aim with The application of his present knowledge of does he need something more?—–something he must have, once had but lost, something he is entitled To but always forfeits, something Tha he cannot exist for long without. YES, he must have This additional something, and This something is a birthright, a way of life, a Positive Birthright of a higher and more complete knowledge and intelligence That allows man To function To his full capacity in a Full Reality Universe That embraces 5 full Dimensions.  Man’s present, self-imposed limitation To just 3 ½ dimensions out of The 5 results in his faulty belief That he can achieve The likes of S.M.I².L.E within physical reality alone. Let us examine This situation in The new light of Knowledge of 5 Dimensional Full Reality.
                   Man has access To Two different Birthrights under which he can choose To live for 3 Cosmic Seasons, of approximately 6,000 years. These Two are: The Postive Birthright, inherited by man when he lives in accordance with Universal Law; and The negative Birthright, inherited when man chooses other guidance over That of his Creator and falls out of grace. Grace here defines a state of KNOWING. Knowledge supersedes belief and faith, and is The Third vital point of The 3-point equilibrium necessary for Positive Life. Just as The names imply, under The former Birthright man’s overall development and spiritual advancement is Positive, while under The latter it is negative.
                    Under The Positive Birthright man is fully aware of his composition of and existence in 5 Dimensions, and he makes full use of Them. But under The negative Birthright man violates The Univeral Laws That give him The power and capacity To be aware of and utilize The full 5 Dimensions. The violations, done willfully under man’s free will, compound To form a vicious circle That reduces him To a level where he is aware of and can use only 3 ½ dimensions.
                     The visible are perceivable elements That make up our earth and The Universe are all degrees of materialized products of, and are embraces by, The 5th Dimension. This 5th is The TIME Dimension and is The primal source of The other 4 dimensions, which are: 1) a line, 2) a plane, 3) a volume or volumes, and 4) The action within The volumes. The ½ of The 4th dimension That modern man has no working knowledge of is The upper/outer/higher half That contains The entrance To and exit from The 5th Dimension. Now most do not make a distinction between The volumes of The 3rd dimension and The action That Takes place within Those volumes, and This is where They lose one whole dimension in Their summation of The Universe; Thereby also losing The knowledge and avenue That makes The 5th Dimension accessible To man.
                      The action of changes within The volumes or objects of The 3rd dimension Take Time—of The small dimension, but These changes act within TIME—of The larger dimension. One must realize That material man cannot fully conceptualize The TIME Dimension, and That our small-dimension Time, as we measure and record it, is but an element of TIME on The grand scale. By regarding The TIME Dimension as The nomaterial or spiritual realm, it  is placed in proper perspective.
                       Man’s access To The 5th Dimension depends upon The Positive nature of his association with it, which in Turn is dependent  upon The Positive or negative condition of his material constitution. Basically The vibration level of The human body determines The nature and degree of contact with any non-material entity or force of The 5th Dimension. This vibration  level of The body is directly proportionate To The percentage of its manufacture out of The material of The Tree of Life food chain (high vibration) or The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil food chain (low vibration). Under The negative Birthright, which is The prevailing system Today, man is forced To exist primarily on The material of The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil food chain because The overpopulation of The planet demands artificial means To produce sufficient foodstuffs; Therefore The resultant low vibration bodies are capable of making contact with The 5th Dimension only on a low or negative level. This  is manifest in The many diverse and dissenting spiritual contacts being made in The present Time, such as by mediums, seers, “psychics”, channelers, etc. These contacts are of a negative spirituality, as They are contacts with abandoned Patterns—–earth-bound demons who roam The planet seeking Thosewho will accept information and direction from Them.
                        Regardless of Their firm, but unproven, convictions That They are in contact with “holy spirits”, none of Those claiming contact or alliance with so-called guardian angels, ascended masters, gurus, holy saints, spirit guides, or The contemporary “space brothers”, have provided man with That Perfect Encounter of The Ultimate Kind for working physical contact for The overall upgrading of human life. NOT ONE!!!
                        Positive contact with The 5th Dimension is a naturalresult of living in harmony with Universal Law. This ensures That man retains These factors which enable him To function To his full capacity under The 5 full dimensions. The material That builds The human body must be produced in a proper environment by proper methods in order To produce The high vibration body cells capable of natural association withINFINITE INTELLIGENCE. This infinite Intelligence further educates man in the ways and workings of Universal Law, ultimately bringing him into That Perfect Encounter with The single most important, vital link in his 5 Dimensional, Positive Birthright Lifeline—–his TIME ARK SERVICE MODULES.
                        Time Ark Service Modules are The objects which have given rise To The self-imposed and so-called “U.F.O. Enigma”. These Time Ark Starships are inter-dimensional creations of The Great YAHWEH and are The “chariots of God” That Transport Patterns (so-called spirits) To and from The 37 Time Levels of spiritual existence. They visit all Time Stations (planets) in The Universe and, as Service Modules, control all phases of maintenance for The continuity of life Throughout The 5 dimensional Universe. Just as The astronauts on The moon could not have survived for long or returned To earth without Their “service module”, neither can man survive for long or return To his spiritual Home Base without his Time Ark Service Modules. These Time Arks contain all The Knowledge man has, all he has lost Thru The ages, plus all The Knowledge man never had. They embody The Totality of man’s existence and, Therefore, provide The Positive Knowledge and “hardware” necessary for man To attain such as S.M.I².L.E. in The only viable way possible—–utilizing his Time Ark Starships and The full 5 Dimensions alloted To him by his Creator, The Great YAHWEH.
                         The Positive and natural increasing of The intelligence, which is The undeniable prerequisite To proceeding with The other of S.M.I².L.E., is not achieved by merely increasing knowledge within The prison of 3 ½ dimensions. It must include The shifting of The fulcrum of The intellect To embrace The full 5 Dimensions. By embracing This additional dimension and one-half, man becomes once again in harmony with Universal Law and learns The Positive way To attain “space migration” and life extension.
                          Man will learn That physical migration into The cosmos is not only unnecessary under The Positive Birthright, but That it is actually a violation of Universal Law. Man is sort of  “sentenced” if you will, To a period of physical existence on one Time Station To mature and develop his Pattern in order To proceed Thru The Time Levels, back To Home Base where  physical rebirth is no longer required. But it is man himself who has willfully forfeited his Positive Birthright access To periodic succorance Thru dimensional exchange, via his Service Modules. The building of high vibration bodies and contact with his Service Modules awards man a type of space and TIME Travel not even presently conceived in his imagination. Yet it is The residue of This fundamental element of man’s inherent knowledge and history That gives rise To The present urge and ideas of  “space migration”.
                          When man lives in accordance with Universal Law and builds his body out of The proper material, it is his Positive Birthright To be able To enter a Time Ark Starship and Travel in TIME. Each Starship carries The Two CHROMOS of Creation and Destruction on opposite sides of The ramp doorway. When a Pattern inside The Ship passes between The Two Chromos, on its way down The ramp, a perfectly developed, mature human body is materialized about That Pattern by The Time it reaches The ground. This is The method by which The first occupants of Time Station Earth came To inhabit The planet, ages ago. When desirous of returning To The Ship, and spiritual existence, The being can simply pass up The ramp between The Two Chromos and The physical body instantly dematerializes without damage To The Pattern, providing The being obeyed Universal Law while materialized. (Several instances of This very act are recorded in your Bible.) The Pattern can Then TIME Travel To any other Time Station or point in The 5th Dimension. Such is The Positive Birthright method of  “space migration” and Travel That man can achieve; not a material, rocket-ship type exodus, fraught with all The limitations and demands of physical structures.
                         And Life extension! Ah, The sweet elixir of perpetual youth That man has sought for since, since…..well, since he lost it, of course. The desire and longing for it is spawned in The inherent knowledge and memory of man That his Pattern is immortal and That he can live forever in The realm of The 5th Dimension. But man was not meant To live forever in a physical body, much less The same one. Physical existence is To develop, mature, and perfect The Pattern within. To halt The aging, deterioration, and death of The body, if it could be done, would also halt The advancement and growth of The indwelling Pattern, as death is The sweet release from This low level of life To The higher spiritual life. The destiny of man does not lie in physical embodiment with its frustrating weaknesses and limitations: but on a hight level in The 5th Dimension, where immortality and eternal existence is awarded To Those who overcome. More vast horizons and adventures away The perfected Pattern and The human being in harmony with Universal Law, who can visit and Time Station in The Universe and Travel all The “roads” of The TIME Dimension in his Service Modules Than can ever be hoped for by The 3 ½ dimensional HUMATONS who would migrate into space in vulnerable, material ships; not knowing where They were headed, because They failed To understand and Know where They came from.
                         Embracing The full 5 Dimensions would, of course, answer all Those elusive questions, like: Who are we?, Where do we come from?, Why are we here?, Where are we going?, and what is our existence all about? This would give man a peace he has not known for milennia, would enrich The quality and satisfaction of life on This Time Station, and would eliminate The alienation That presently exists between man, The Full Reality Universe, and his Creator’s Will and Universal Law which always supersedes anything That man can conceive or dare To do.
                        Space migration, Intellegence², and Life extension are indeed valiant goals whose Time has certainly come. But let us first be sure To examine and study The methodology whereby These Positive Birthright goals may be Positively and viably accomplished. Three and one half dimensions are but a part of Reality and man can only exist for a short Time within Their limitations, and Then only on his own Time Station. At The end of each Age, or when he contemplates achievements such as S.M.I².L.E., he Then must expand his intellect To consider The 5 Dimensions of Full Reality or he will venture forth where angels fear To Tread, violating The Sacred Univeral Laws That govern and ensure our minute existence.




Silently They Come

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Silently They come making signs where They go

Forgotten To man Their source and service

With Beulah, Fern and a wonder in The air

In Three days He measured His City Foursquare

All of nature-The Eternal´s Creation-His To control

HIS Arks hold The poles steadfast in place 

Keeping Earth from wobbling madly To and fro.

Except for HIS Arks we would all be dead

There´s so much your leaders They have not said

Propagating ¨Alien¨, ¨UFO¨ scare-Tactic Tales

Suppressing The people´s right To know

Making of us bond-slaves for debt claims.

Drugging our food, holding us prisoners

Sucking our lifes blood, unwilling To free us.

This nation´s leaders instigated war with our Saviour

When peacefully He came To free us

Man believing That with his Maker stand Toe-To-Toe

Have endangered The people´s lives

And Their Time levels besides

This is Armageddon-A Time and a season

A Time of war, not just a middle-eastern region!

¨Cloud¨ or  ¨Chariot¨ Tho Thus scribed in The Book

In its stead should read Time Ark.

A Starship To Bethlehem guided The magi all aglow,

Now doesn´t That make more sense 

Than a star leaving its galactic post?

YAHWEH´s army is now at The ready

The survival rate will be one in a million

It´s TIME To ACT before you´re ACTED UPON

Just as Atlanteans 7,000 years ago!


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Time has flown by

So many years have passed

When you said “Goodbye”

Gently whispering on The wind.

So long has it been since

Last we’ve heard your songs,

The strum upon Those strings,

Colors come To life with each  melody

Where did you go my lovely

My rose, my lass so fair?

Have you gone with HIM To stay

To sail with dolphins in oceans blue

Or sail Through galaxies unseen?

Shall we meet again soon

May you know how much you’re missed.

How each day without ye

Fails To bring warmth

For your Tresses shone like spun gold

Your eyes of bluest seas

But your smile brought

The warmth The sun can’t bring

Tho it burn The live long day!

Aye my bonnie lass!

Don’t ye be forgetting’ how much

Yer oh so much loved!