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Psalm 1990

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(Song of The Bondslaves) (An ode To what They voted for)

Congress is our shepherd: We are in great need.

They cause many of us To sleep in The streets and on park benches.

They lead us beside The still factories.

They disturb our souls.

They leadeth us in The path of destruction for Their parties´ sake.

Yea, Though we walk Through The valley of The depression, we anticipate no recovery for They are  with us.

They prepareth a reduction in farms in The presence of famine. They anointeth our income with Taxes.

Our expenses runneth over; surely unemployment and poverty shall follow us all The days of our lives.

And we will dwell in poverty and mortgaged homes forever.


Are You a Voter?

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       Human beings do not vote nor choose kings under The Administration of The Positive Birthright.

       Humatons vote Themselves into slavery only under The administration of the  RED negative Birthright.

       These Two Birthright Triangles symbolize your entire basic free moral agency or choice of life on Time Station Earth as a person born of woman.

  When ecologated They become:  star    The Seal of Solomon or Starshield of David,

       as recorded in your fractionated history book (Bible).

        Energy used by humatons under The administration of The negative Birthright is generally gathered by The use of friction devices, using fossil fuel derivatives as prime movers and, in buffer zones, causing unnecessary pollution, sickness, and disease. Such is The negative, anti-eco way of life.

        Energy used by human beings under The Administration of The Positive Birthright is gathered by non- pollutive TRANSVERCEIVER POWER UNITS, allowing unlimited use of energy without depletion!


        When left To play by himself, man generally chooses The negative Birthright way of life by gathering energy with his friction devices, giving him The feeling of becoming a creator by creating Tax blood suckers, and There by living off his creation of bond slaves.

        Under The Positive Birthright The GREAT CREATOR, YAHWEH, controls The use of all energy for service and well being of HIS people, Thereby preventing man from becoming a negative creator/slavemaster.

        Your free moral agency for choice of one of These Two Birthrights ended at 7:00 A.M. on September 3, 1966—The beginning of Point #1 of Armageddon on Time Station Earth. The color of The negative Birthright Triangle is RED (communist). At such Time under Univeral Law The negative Birthright became illegal, Thereby identifying your present government as RED social communist, illegally administering The negative Birthright by armed force.

        When you demonstrate your moronity by going To The polls and having your noses counted, you are merely approving of what They have done To you in The past, what They are doing To you now, and what They are going To do To you in The future under The name of perverted humanity. There is more To voting for The deceiver who has deceived you Than you Think. You have voted for a system which leaves you no moral right To complain! The only ones who have a right To object and fight are Those who have had The mental integrity and intestinal fortitude To be apart from The RED mess by NOT voting!

        THINK! before you brainwash your children into voting for The RED empire, Thereby casting Their vote against Their CREATOR and HIS Positive Son with HIS entire OUTER DIMENSIONAL FORCES administrating The Positive Birthright.

        By casting your vote for The present illegal deteriorating system, you are approving of all That it is composed of, such as; political parasites, bureaucratic bums, blood-sucking Tax collectors, gestagpu gog cog law enforcement, your non-right To compete in free enterprise as MEASURED by your CREATOR, The power To sacrifice you blood in “wars”for profitable blood sucking, brainwashing The minds of children in RED social communist schools, creation of more and worse disease-causing and death-dealing pollutive devices in The gathering products, low vibration chemicalized foods from The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil for The building of your body as a humaton bond slave, The continued decrease in The quality of air, soil and water; Thereby you are depriving future generations of quality life on Time Station Earth.

      At This Time under Universal Law you are committing Triple High Treason by voting for a political parasite or by choosing a king born of woman. You are voting against The gathering of unlimited, pollution-free energy by The use of TRANSVERCEIVER POWER UNITS, The removal of The cause of all man-made diseases, and The abolition of your present parasitical system.

      As humatons have illegally prolonged Their system by covering up each mistake with a larger mistake, man now exists within a reprobate mind and can no longer correct his mistakes, as The action would destroy his system.

      To render Time Station Earth safe for future habitation, The Great CREATOR and MEASURER has sent HIS Two Sons with Their 4001 Starship Time Arks for The activation of Seal #6, Thereby Totally abolishing The humaton system by Total destruction of same and killing or Taking as unicized menial slaves all perpetrators.

       Those of you who can get Their act Together and COME OUT OF HER as per commanded by The Great CREATOR may still have a chance.

That Present Ultimate Super Disease

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Do you have “it”?  Well, read on and discover an amazing revelation of Perfect Fact.

             In These End Days, The signs are obvious That degenerative man-made diseases have become a super wheeling-and-dealing operation. This Thing has become so attractive moneywise, That doctors and related wheelers-and-dealers in The field have unwittingly fallen victim To The disease Themselves. Some practicioners now make more money Than former Presidents.

              Evidently This “Thing” gives degenerated paranoids a “new high” in That of selling Their souls To The red U.S. empire just To be a millionaire for a day, before breathlessly lying down To be placed in a burial box for another segment of The “death pie” To be cut by The friendly undertaker.


              Religions in These End Days have become quite varied and numerous, as They become more attractive To The paranoids for negative money/entertainment/social status purposes.

              Analyze your own personal role under This illegal administration of The red negative birthright.  As you find That you have neither attained physical contact with your God-given Time Ark Service Modules nor recovered The Perfect Facts of your Lost Knowledge, you should become aware That you are just another member of one of The various and numerous philosphical religious cults of These End Days MEASURED as The Red Twin Harlots of Area #6 and Area #66.

             As your scientiest have, for The past 48 years, refused To check They physical proof of your 5 Dimensional Time Arks for fear of discovering The Perfect Truth Facts, They have preferred To remain willfully ignorant as 3 12 dimensional ufonuts by selling Their souls To The present red U.S. empire system for The privilege of becoming millionaires “for a day”, and by selling Their books of deceit To The bond slaves. Thus They also are members of a religious cult ( “..blind leaders of The blind.” Matt. 15:14).

blind leading blind

             Mr. Cagnoni of The F.B.I. said in The 80’s That he was not allowed by his superiors To investigate Time Arks (“UFOs”) as That belongs To The scientists…??? So The F.B.I. becomes just another worn cog in The super machine red cult system. Each cog must not mesh nor Touch another cog of The machine for fear The Ecologation may become Monadic and The machine may once again become functional, causing The existence of The bond slaves To become Tolerable.

          The political parasites have become so bloated from The pus of Their deceit That has been foisted upon The gullible voting bond slaves, They are not even conscious That They are nothing but a cog of hot air in The red machine and are just another philosophical religious stench cult.

          The bureaucratic bums are another cog segment of The red machine. They glory in The power given To Them as They force The dumb bond slaves To conform To Their will. Another super religious cult.

          Blood-sucking Tax collectors are only used in a friction-energy society under The present illegal administratio of The red negative birthright. They are composed of The same element as The cop cogs in That They are Too lazy To make an honest living. The Tax cogs are exceptional from most cogs in That They are meshed sufficiently with The cop cogs To make The sheriff use his Tax gun on The bond slaves To make Them pay Tribute. Such is another philosophical religious stinking cult.

         What about The various divisions of The armed cogs? It is quite attractive for humatons who are deficient in self-discipline To enter an armed branch of The system and have someone father and diaper him plus satisfy his negative Tantrums by giving him certain legal rights To murder.

         The local police force has a paranoid attraction for psychopathic killers, perverts, women chasers, sadists, abusers, harassers, and Those who are Too damn lazy To earn an honest living, but want To exercise “peck rights” over all who They Think are beneath Them in power. More stinking religious cults.

         None have The mental integrity nor intestinal fortitude To contact a Service Module.

         Labor unions are another stinking, blood-sucking religious cult legalized under humaton law of The red harlot-red beast system. I say To Those unionists, and To Those who have not The self-discipline To compete in free enterprise and nature as your CREATOR designed your pattern- I say To you That if you don’t want to work, go home and hoe your own potatoes, or root, hog, or die!


        Let’s not forget To Take a good look at The voter’s cult-one of The most pitiful humaton cults in existence. They are likened To a worn-out, broken, old record with Their old cliché of- “if you don’t vote, you have no right To complain.” I say To Them, YOU ARE WRONG. You are The ones who have no right To complain. You are Too dumb To realize That you are voting for a system rather That for a person. When you cast your vote, you automatically voted against yourself by approving of what The system has done To you, what it is now doing To you, and what it shall do To you in The future. Not only That- To participate in This negative Birthright system by voting during This Point #1 of Armageddon is To join forces against The CREATOR’s OUTER DIMENSIONAL FORCES, which is TRIPLE HIGH TREASON. You Totally deserve what you are getting and going To get. I have The right To complain in That I am not guilty of such Treason and enjoy fighting on The right and winning side.

        Now That This system, which They have voted To make “better”, becomes degeneratingly worse, They now come along with a substitute cliché, “Well, I must be patriotic and vote for The lesser of The Two evils.” Now That is a prime example of a frustrated humaton en Totality. That cult smells so bad That The odor is deleterious To The health of The others and should be buried. In addition, it is anti-eco and causes psychological pollution.

        Don’t forget about The blood-sucking, food-robbing vermin cult That drives a cadillac who leans out The window and shout The The roadside vendor, “YOU TAKE FOOD STAMPS?” If The vendor waits on This vermin, it does not shut off The motor, as it has plenty of money To buy gas and pollute The air you breathe.

food stamps

         Apparently The population of This country has been replace with a horde of parasitical religious cults, sucking The blood of a small self-sufficient minority. Religion is The “Thing”. Religion is The ESCAPE from facing 5 Dimensional reality That your CREATOR allotted To man.

        You may now be wondering what all This has got To do with The Title of This article? Plenty! I’ve got news for you, neighbor!

        Fourteen Thousand years ago 99% of The humatons on Lemuria lost Their bodies (lost Their physical survival) and Their Time postitions were lowered To “The Pit” as a result of failure To prepare for The activation of Seal #6.

        Seven Thousand years ago 99% of The Atlanteans lost Their bodies (lost Their physical survival), and Their Time positions were lowered To “The Pit” as a result of failure To prepare for The activation of Seal #6.

        Now Seal #6 is again due for activation. Are you one of Those religious ones who have limited your Birthright by being willfully ignorant during Armageddon? You are now in Point #1 of Armageddon. Do you see what This means?

        Religion is That Present, Ulitmate, Super Fatal Armageddon Disease!


The Failing of Democracy

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 –A Declaration–

1957 Webster’s defines democracy as: 1) government by The people, either directly or Through elected representatives; rule by the ruled.  2) a country, state, community, etc. with such government.  3) majority rule.  4) The acceptance and practice of The principle of equal rights, opportunity, and Treatment; lack of snobbery. 5) The common people.

        The elements making up a democracy are The people—The participants of The democracy. Therefore, The calibre of any democracy is limited To The intelligence and integrity of The individuals involved.

        The people within The democracies of Today have been conditioned To believe That men are born equal and, hence, can equally participate in The proceedings of The democracy once They are of age.

        When The United States was younger and still a republic, it allowed only Those who were qualified voters To have a voice in The government of The people. As The qualifications degraded during liberalization and The passage of Time, so did The nation’s principles; Thus The foundation was eroded. Yet, The liberal Teachings of The false concept of equal rights is increasingly pushed upon The people. (Man would have To be cloned or degrade To subhuman, humaton standards, Then controlled from The cradle and never be Tolerated To hold or express any individualality, Then he might come close To being equal and able To function under a system of continually granted and regranted equal rights.) With The increasing acceptance of The concept of “equal rights” came The growing confusion of who was To perform duties, jobs, and possess The skills which only Those most capable should be allowed To perform. As The confusion grew, a lower character of man began To appear and spread rapidly. This was The desire To have someone else shoulder one’s responsibilities and have a guarantor. The incentive To be fruitful and raise one’s standards, self-sufficiency, and self-responsibility were near death. As These died, so did The days when men were men, women were women, and little boys and girls knew Their places and could respect Their elders.

             It has been years now That The confused have far outnumbered The self-learned (Those educated of life’s experience and proven learned Through self survival), as The confused multiply Their numbers at a greater rate (especially when subsidized) Than do Those involved with self-preservation. One only has To look at The US government To see The result. The confused are elected by The confused who govern The confused. In other words, as The people degenerate under a democracy, They vote in degenerated politicians (proving That The majority are not necessarily correct).

           Todays majority have a negative concept of what freedom is. They Think freedom is synonymous with being carefree.

           In The Real World, as one gains freedom—a privilege—one shoulders proportionately increased responsibilities. As people prove They can Take care (be responsible) of Themselves (self-supporting), Then and only Then may They Take under Their “wings” The responsiblities of others. Under True Freedom, men face up To  Their shortcomings and deal with Them until one of The other is overcome. IF a people are To last, They must always strive for The highest standards and principles.

           However, in Today’s world of The negative Birthright system of carefreeness, Big Brother or some such “authority” is viewed as The Guarantor. It is Taught That if you pay your dues, you get your guarantee. In Reality, This is a collective pool of insecurities. Because of This negative nature, The collector and /or Big Brother ends up overextending and Thus creates debt. This is always The case, as The people who flock To a guarantee program are always poor risks, as They are The irresponsible or followers of mass psychology/mass media. (Often unknowingly, both of These Types don’t wish freedom, and scorn Those who can maintain standards of freedom.) As debts multiply, The collector or Big Brother must increasingly create larger extended debts in order To cover up or pay off smaller existing debts presently exposed or called due. Big Brother welcomes all (even effectually neutrilizes its borders) who would support as bond slaves such an inverted pyramiding structure, hoping The increase members will cover The existing false security and inflationary scheme.

           As The debt continues To expand, it gets so extensive That These irresponsible humatons, collectively in The majority, must begin To sidetrack production from The only True producers: The self-responsible. Thus, communism has Taken place under The democracy while The people still hail it “The freedom of democracy”. Eventually, The few productive ones either lose Their initiative To produce or cease To participate in This negative system, as They have repeatedly had Their goods and efforts sidetracked so That The non-productive can profit. When This occurs, The unrealistic dream of socialized democracy falls, as Those behind The scene who hold The debts call: DUE. They acquire real estate, and call for The gold…….once again a nation has Sold Out.

         A politician exists as a result of a negative Birthright administration and he entices The majority where They want To go.

        A negative dictator rules over people who are unable To help Themselves and Therefore he must Tell Them where he wants Them To go.

        A Positive dictator, a worthy king of monarch of a people who are capable of caring for Themselves, leads These people where They should go.

        A True leader must be above his people. He must have The highest principles. He must be better Than They are.

Unemployment-Good, or Bad?

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              ONE OF THE GOALS OF SOCIAL COMMUNISM IS TO CONVINCE THE PUBLIC THAT UNEMPLOYMENT IS A BAD CONDITION. Typical of social communist ideals, The people Then act To establish an unnatural situation. People are supposed To rejoice each Time The unemployment rate is down, giving Thanks To The administration for having created a greater bureaucratic condition which requires more people To “work” at producing nothing more Than productionless jobs.

            The philosophy of building a weaker mouse Trap, so That consumers must replace it sooner (planned obsolescence), is incorporated in The materials being produced. This creates a greater Turnover and, consequently, higher employment.  “It’s good for The economy,” They’re quick To Tell you. The people are brainwashed into a religious belief That This is good, and That it has no connection with circumstances down The road. They are only Told, “unemployment should be a chief concern for everyone; we must lick unemployment”. But They never Tell you why.

           A high employment rate does not guarantee a Thing for The people. The employment figure is a very poor indicator of anything Positive. High employment only means That more Time and people are being devoted To The socio-economic system, leaving less Time for The family roles and The pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness. High employment figures are misleading, for what real good is The result of employing 10,000 people To wash Trees and paint rocks? Increased quality and efficiency, better management, and wiser living reduces The need for work. This, of course, means unemployment may be higher, but Then The quality and enjoyment of Life is at its highest.

          The real reason so much emphasis is being places on reducing unemployment is Big Brother’s “need” To create more within The-system transactions from which To profit. Thus, The move To make family functions part of employment within The system—achieved by seducing weak housewives To consider housework as a Social Security issue.

         The bureaucracy IS in Trouble. It continually needs an ever-increasing number of bond-slaves To support its chain letter setdown, of which The Social Insecurity system is only a part. For a better view of This negative security system, read:

THE BIGGEST CON-How The Government Is Fleecing You by Irwin A. Schiff, Freedom Books, P.O. Box 5303, Hamden, Connecticut 06518