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Faith Tells me 

That no matter

What lies 

Ahead of me,

YAHWEH is Already



Dawn Upon The Night

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When the night falls and dreams rise out of the clouds

Dew drops from shuttered windows

And into an abyss of liquid mourning

Light skips across shadows deep

Upon pilings and metallic glare

Caged in flight forever to sail

Across the seas trailed by ribbons of sorrow

Now the dawn erupts

Translucent is the day cast upon the night


A Moonlit Dance

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                   Dank brisk The night emerged

                   As The last light slipped away

                   Shrouded by an ethereal air

                  Misty haze swirled Through The glen

                  Winding wisps of pearly strands

                   Smoke entwined The lithely dance

                   Whispered songs drift on The breeze

                   Glistening raindrops prisms sheer

                   Mossy slopes showers kissed

                   Reflections of a sparkling Throng

                   Mystic maidens bright and fair

                   Snow silk garments in smokey Trails

                   Spotless angel-pure, soaring materialize

                   Cloaked in gauze Their silver sabers

                   Whirled swathed in majestic flare

                   Moonbeams crest The midnight sky

                   Fringed beneath Starships veiled.

A King Without A Queen

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Man was made strong but he lived weak.

Then woman fell first, and man followed.

Man was made To lead, but he follows!

Woman was made To follow, but she leads!

So not being a King, man has no Queen;

And The Queen has no King.

Now woman has risen first, by returning HIS object

So man can follow, and rise, so The King may have his Queen,

And The Queen may have her King.


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Man as wind stays not his course

True is he only To delight his self

Look not my way, go thy own way

If not for Twin legs Thy forked Tongue

Would be a dead give away.


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                       Love covers a multitude of sins,
                       Like day’s beauty,overcoming night,
                       YAHWEH’S Lamb,sending forth His Light,
                       Rain’s mantle,putting drought to flight.
                       ELOHIM is Love,the greatest power of all,
                       His death which birthed our life,
                       From slavery freed His wife,
                       That halted Abraham’s knife.
                       Take My yoke upon you—Love’s glorious espousal,
                       Frees from burdens,rest He brings,
                       Talents be gifts to give The King,
                       Praise and prayers be incense as we sing.
                       My Beloved brought me to His banqueting table
                       His banner over me is Love,
                       Words like honey,gentle Friend,my Dove,
                       Lifts my head,my heart to Heaven above.


heaven 3

I Need You

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YAHWEH I need you, oh I need you, I need you

Whatever would I do without you?

You Take my Troubles and help me bear The pain

You cover me with Your hand and cover my shame

Your majestic Starships They light The sky

You give me wings To fly above The world so high

When The world is closing in, You Take me from The din.


I need you, Kahveh everyday more I need you,  I need you

Like a fish needs water To breathe

You are The air my spirit breathes,

My soul cries out for you!

You Take my hand and always understand.

You help me up when I fall down,

Your staff is There To lean upon. 


I need you, Oh I need You, Yahshua I need you!

Whatever would I do without You?

You lead me by The hand across a crystal sea

Where my voice can eternally praise You.

My Prince, Commander, King of Kings

       Forever Elohim I need You!