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If I Were You…

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You say, ¨I wouldn´t do That

 If I were you.

And all I can say is,

¨Oh, yes, You would, too.¨

Cuz, if you were me,

Then you ´d be me inside.

You´d have all my feelings,

My worries, my pride.

You´d do what I´d do

And you´d say what I´d say,

Cuz if you were me,

You´d be me all The way.

And if I were you,

It would be the same deal.

I´d be you all over,

Forever, for real.


The fact of The matter

Is easy To see.

What you want To do

Is be YOU inside me!


An Appeal for Patience and Kindness Toward One’s Aging Mother

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When your mother has grown older,
And you have grown older,
When what was once easy and effortless
Now becomes a burden,

When her dear, faithful eyes
No longer see life as they once did,
When her feet, grown tired,
No longer want to carry her as she walks —

Then give her your arm for support;
Accompany her with gladness and joy.
The hour will come when, weeping
You will accompany her on her final walk.

And if she asks for something, then answer her.
And if she asks again, then speak.
And if she asks yet again, respond to her,
Not stormily, but with gentle calm.

And if she cannot understand you well,
Explain everything to her joyfully.
The hour will come, the bitter hour,
When her mouth will ask for nothing more.

(Adolf Hitler-1923)


Psalm 1990

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(Song of The Bondslaves) (An ode To what They voted for)

Congress is our shepherd: We are in great need.

They cause many of us To sleep in The streets and on park benches.

They lead us beside The still factories.

They disturb our souls.

They leadeth us in The path of destruction for Their parties´ sake.

Yea, Though we walk Through The valley of The depression, we anticipate no recovery for They are  with us.

They prepareth a reduction in farms in The presence of famine. They anointeth our income with Taxes.

Our expenses runneth over; surely unemployment and poverty shall follow us all The days of our lives.

And we will dwell in poverty and mortgaged homes forever.


In The Darkest Cavern

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In The darkest cavern

Where you cannot see The light

When The stars of heaven hide

Their faces in The night.

Almighty arms are holding you

Safely as HIS own.

Making sure you never face 

The darkness all alone.


A Light At The End of The Tunnel

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There´s a light at The end of The Tunnel,

There´s love That awaits me There,

All cares and Troubles I will leave behind

As I climb The golden stair.   


There´s a light at The end of The Tunnel,

There To meet my Yahshua face To face

And I´ll be in The Home That I longed for,

Saved by His heavenly grace.

Helen Parker


His Illuminating Light

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If I can´t give You all my days

Please work Thru me in little ways

And let a fragment of Your light

Illuminate my mortal night

Until I gladly give The whole

All my life and all my soul.


Mother Earth

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обои,красивые,картинки,фото,бесплатно,звезды, океан, пейзаж, планета, солне...

You need To eat, we need To eat
Germans, Dutch, French, and Swedes
Scottish, Irish, English and Norwege
Animals and insects
Worms of little intellects
Buffalo, Kale
Carrots and Quail
Birds, dragonflies
Flowers, beautiful Trees
Mangos and bumblebees
So wouldn´t you suppose
That just as Those
This green planet needs To eat To Thrive;
Pollutant-free compostible materials To survive?
Your unwanted Table scraps effuse.
Cuttings and leaves from all your refuse.
For just as every living Thing That chews
The earth needs To eat just as you do.
Give her your biodegradable waste
And she´ll Thank you and give back in haste.
But give her your junk
Your chemical gunk
And as are you, coughing and sneezing
Unable To breathe, winded and wheezing
She´ll become dis-eased and stop producing
Dry up and die from all our abusing
Do you Think about how and what you eat?!
Are you filling your gullet with GMO meats,
Laced To The Teeth with poisons galore,
Nitrates, MSG, Pesticides and more?
And for your God-given gift of earth
Chemical fertilizers, pesticides millions of dollars in worth
And Treated sprays of a myriad assort.
With not a single Thing To eat
But Those of an unnatural sort!
Now why have we The earth so cheated?
With every living Thing secreting
There´s enough excreted
To fertilize The earth
Why even afterbirth!
Enough kitchen waste and Tin cans from your kitchen nook
To give back what we have Took
So Think about what you do
Before you sit on That white stool
Though not pretty To see, a privy is easy To use
There´s composting Thrones for all To rule
So what´s your excuse?