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Direction…or Speed?

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Direction is so much more important Than speed.

Many are going nowhere fast.Race-Car-Wallpaper-I8R

His Illuminating Light

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If I can´t give You all my days

Please work Thru me in little ways

And let a fragment of Your light

Illuminate my mortal night

Until I gladly give The whole

All my life and all my soul.


Mother Earth

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обои,красивые,картинки,фото,бесплатно,звезды, океан, пейзаж, планета, солне...

You need To eat, we need To eat
Germans, Dutch, French, and Swedes
Scottish, Irish, English and Norwege
Animals and insects
Worms of little intellects
Buffalo, Kale
Carrots and Quail
Birds, dragonflies
Flowers, beautiful Trees
Mangos and bumblebees
So wouldn´t you suppose
That just as Those
This green planet needs To eat To Thrive;
Pollutant-free compostible materials To survive?
Your unwanted Table scraps effuse.
Cuttings and leaves from all your refuse.
For just as every living Thing That chews
The earth needs To eat just as you do.
Give her your biodegradable waste
And she´ll Thank you and give back in haste.
But give her your junk
Your chemical gunk
And as are you, coughing and sneezing
Unable To breathe, winded and wheezing
She´ll become dis-eased and stop producing
Dry up and die from all our abusing
Do you Think about how and what you eat?!
Are you filling your gullet with GMO meats,
Laced To The Teeth with poisons galore,
Nitrates, MSG, Pesticides and more?
And for your God-given gift of earth
Chemical fertilizers, pesticides millions of dollars in worth
And Treated sprays of a myriad assort.
With not a single Thing To eat
But Those of an unnatural sort!
Now why have we The earth so cheated?
With every living Thing secreting
There´s enough excreted
To fertilize The earth
Why even afterbirth!
Enough kitchen waste and Tin cans from your kitchen nook
To give back what we have Took
So Think about what you do
Before you sit on That white stool
Though not pretty To see, a privy is easy To use
There´s composting Thrones for all To rule
So what´s your excuse?



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To whom do ye bestow Thy allegiance? Can Thy leaders count The hairs upon Thy head? Can The banner which ye praise bring meat To thy Tables or water To thy jars? Thy allegiance given To a man, a nation who without a blink of an eye hath Traded Thee and Thy unborn children into slavery for incurred debts To Thine opposing nations. Who doest Thou owe Thy allegiance To before all else? The ONE who will NEVER forsake or fail Thee, Will never lie nor deceive Thee.  Who honors HIS people when honored HIMSELF…who gaveth Thee life and didst breathe The breath of life into Thy nostrils.

Who created Thee This planet and all within and without it? As Thy Maker, Thy CREATOR, Thine art HIS!


Praise HIM all ye people,

Praise HIM with Timbral and dance,

Praise HIM with stringed instruments and organs!

Praise HIM on The high sounding cymbals

HIS praises liveth in The mouth of HIS people!

He resides in The praises of HIS people!

Consider Paul and Silas when Through Their praises The prison walls came Tumbling down! Or when Joshua marched around Jericho! When did our kings fail To be anointed of YAHWEH? When was it we became discontented with perfection and sought a man To be our king? What folly To Think we could do better Than The best of all!


Unemployment-Good, or Bad?

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              ONE OF THE GOALS OF SOCIAL COMMUNISM IS TO CONVINCE THE PUBLIC THAT UNEMPLOYMENT IS A BAD CONDITION. Typical of social communist ideals, The people Then act To establish an unnatural situation. People are supposed To rejoice each Time The unemployment rate is down, giving Thanks To The administration for having created a greater bureaucratic condition which requires more people To “work” at producing nothing more Than productionless jobs.

            The philosophy of building a weaker mouse Trap, so That consumers must replace it sooner (planned obsolescence), is incorporated in The materials being produced. This creates a greater Turnover and, consequently, higher employment.  “It’s good for The economy,” They’re quick To Tell you. The people are brainwashed into a religious belief That This is good, and That it has no connection with circumstances down The road. They are only Told, “unemployment should be a chief concern for everyone; we must lick unemployment”. But They never Tell you why.

           A high employment rate does not guarantee a Thing for The people. The employment figure is a very poor indicator of anything Positive. High employment only means That more Time and people are being devoted To The socio-economic system, leaving less Time for The family roles and The pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness. High employment figures are misleading, for what real good is The result of employing 10,000 people To wash Trees and paint rocks? Increased quality and efficiency, better management, and wiser living reduces The need for work. This, of course, means unemployment may be higher, but Then The quality and enjoyment of Life is at its highest.

          The real reason so much emphasis is being places on reducing unemployment is Big Brother’s “need” To create more within The-system transactions from which To profit. Thus, The move To make family functions part of employment within The system—achieved by seducing weak housewives To consider housework as a Social Security issue.

         The bureaucracy IS in Trouble. It continually needs an ever-increasing number of bond-slaves To support its chain letter setdown, of which The Social Insecurity system is only a part. For a better view of This negative security system, read:

THE BIGGEST CON-How The Government Is Fleecing You by Irwin A. Schiff, Freedom Books, P.O. Box 5303, Hamden, Connecticut 06518

REINCARNATION and The Quality of Life

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                   When The shrewd old power moguls of The past meditated on how To secure Their bread by The seat of Their pants and maintain Their particular oligarchy, one of history’s most  pernicious deeds was accomplished: The destruction and perversion of Factual Knowledge regarding reincarnation.
                   Oh sure, bits and pieces still abound and in some places whole nations’ religious belief structures are supported by reincarnation or, at least, The Theories Thereof. But most of  “The West” has no official religious doctrines on This important facet of Life. And That has hurt our development severely. Why? Because Factual Knowledge of The precepts of reincarnation is one of The basic determining factors for The development, maintenance, and control of The Quality of Life.
                  Today mankind, as a whole, is more concerned with The quantity rather Than The quality of Life, as portrayed more accurately by his actions Than his words. Even hen quality is recognized as preferable, it is touted for its negative value: “You’ve only got one life To live, so…” or “You only go around once in life, so…”—you’ve probably heard other similar sayings, I’m sure. These are related only To The quality of The quantity, nothing more! I’m not saying That it’s a bad Thing To enjoy The pleasures and necessities of Life—perish The Thought!—but enjoying pleasures at The expense of one’s future is adverse To The quality of Life.
                 Factually, however, we’ve more Than one life To live, and how we live each one determines The basic nature of The one To follow. With This Knowledge, one can readily see That  “Whatsoever a man soweth, That shall he also reap” carries on beyond This lifetime.
                Before we get Too far into This, let’s get The Perfect Facts straight concerning This important subject. Below are listed Three basic Perfect Facts on reincarnation as Godated by Universal Law and Five Dimensional Reality:
                 1.    All Patterns are created by The Great Creator YAHWEH in Elohim City, and are Then assigned by HIM To serve Time in a physical body on a specific Time Station To mature and develop.
                 2.   All Patterns are created seperate and distinct, male and female, and belong To a specific Tribe of a specific race. Once a Pattern is created, it cannot change—once a male of female, once a black, white, or yellow, etc., always The same—never To alter, switch or deviate; never To be first a Tree, Then a monkey, Then a man; never To be a human Pattern in an animal, vegetable, or mineral body; and never To be a male Pattern in a female body, or vice versa. Such change is Five Dimensionally impossible because it is The Pattern That determines what an entity is To be!!!
                3.    The purpose of incarnation in The first place is so That, Thru The exercise of free moral agency, Patterns can be developed, matured, and perfected by overcoming weaknesses, negative Tendencies, and obeying Universal Law—The goal being To return To The highest Time level of spiritual existence, Home Base (Elohim City), where we were created.  RE-incarnation becomes a reality, and a necessity, because most Patterns are unable To live good enough To mature and perfect Themselves in one lifetime. Also, when a perfected Pattern Takes on a physical body for whatever reason, That Too is RE-incarnation—via Chromo Materialization.
               All Those now in physical bodies are reincarnated Patterns. We have all been here before, on This same Time Station (earth), and will probably be here again for other lives (unless one becomes an abandoned Pattern or is Timarkulized (The second death), but That is matter for another article). Probability has it That most here now have been cycling up and down The Time Levels for Thousands and Thousands of years, living our lives as if our True Purpose here and our ultimate goal were no more real Than a common dream.
              Sure, our present system Teaches about “life after death”, but always a nebulous spiritual “life” in “heaven” or “hell”—never in The light of reincarnation. Most people believe That when They die They go either To heaven or hell, depending on how They lived (at least They get The latter part right).  Also, They believe That They can be forgiven of any sins by virtue of mere belief, without The exercise of action To validate and reinforce Their commitment. This makes people live careless and sloppy lives. They do no know That To “get To heaven”, once They’ve fallen from grace (by sinning), They have To work for it (show Their faith by Their works:  “Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.”) ; They must, by Their own free will, choose To regain Their Birthright by conscious suffering. And That makes more lives To be lived in order To make it back To Home Base or “heaven”, as most call it. How many depends on how far down The Time Levels (Jacob’s Ladder) one has fallen.
              So, if we knew That we were most likely To come back for another physical life To continue on The “road” To perfection, The concerns of people would, of necessity, change To improve and preserve The quality of Life. No longer would man Think primarily of short-Term gains while ignoring long-Term losses, because Those losses would be his own in lives To come. We would know That The “seeds” we plant Today would sprout and gro into The Things, circumstances, and events That we would have To face and be partakers of in The future.
           Such conscious knowledge of reincarnation embedded in our daily lives would reunite spiritual concerns with Physical life in a blending of complete life-forces That would so alter The warp and woof of social order That we would indeed experience The Kingdom of God within us, and could Then be able To do what is necessary To establish HIS Kingdom on earth—at any age in Time. But, alas!, The weaknesses of mankind always get in The way! Men and women live petty and rotten lives, conscious only of The present, with a “let The devil Take Tomorrow”attitude. And, indeed he has!, so That Today, if we wish To work Toward The Positive, we must fight The devil who “yesterday” we allowed To Take our “Tomorrow”.
             A reverse view of reincarnation would also help To establish a quality of life on earth, by helping us put our present lives into better perspective. Do you realize That it is entirely possible That you could have been your very own great-great-great…grandfather, or grandmother? As we have all been here before, we could very well have been our own ancestors! How do you feel about That?
            Some of you may know certain Things about your ancestors That you aren’t proud of. Some of you may have knowledge That certain of your ancestors led evil lives. Could have been you in a previous life!!! How do you feel about evil and negative Things in This life? This could indicate which way Thru The Time Levels you are moving—Up To Eternal Life or down To Eternal Death.
            The quality of your own personal existence and present life is dependent upon The lives you’ve led. Your past lives each make impressions upon your Pattern, modifying and influencing your development and affecting your future lives. These are The results and marks of your general direction and action in each life, guided by your Tendencies. They help To establish patterns To incarnations. For example : Were you an ancient sun worshiper who now, in This life, again worships The sun in its different guises? Were you an ancient warrior who now enjoys The “battles” of modern society? Were you an ancient Roman spectator at The coliseums, reincarnated To being a modern “Roman” spectator at The modern sports coliseums? Were you—were we—There when history’s prophets and saints were murdered? Which side were we on? Which side do you find yourself on Today when The RED empire (functionated by reincarnated functionaries of past RED empires) murders HIS people, and Tries in your own Time TO murder our returned Positive Saviour by shooting down His Command Starship?
              Now you may understand why The ancient Lemurians, who died under The polar adjustment of Their age, reincarnated To die again in The polar adjustment of The Atlantean era and are again reincarnated in The age of another polar adjustment and seem To be moving once again Toward The same fate! Patterns of reincarnation! Are you a reincarnated Atlantean who was killed in The last major polar adjustment such as you now face? Are you going To succumb To The same fate once again? , of are you going To act Positively To save yourself? If you act Positively, The quality of your present, as well as your future, life will be greatly improved. If you act negatively, and die under The action of The polar adjustment, it will not only affect your present life, but also any future lives you may have.
             Especially relevent To reincarnation at This Time is The fact That it establishes our lack of innocence under The present Time Ark actions during This Armageddon. We have had 7,000 years since The last Armageddon of Time Station Earth To work our way back up To Home Base where physical rebirth is no longer Godatory for Perfected Patterns (angels). Most of us have not done as we should have!  That’s why we are still here in bodies born of woman, facing Armageddon on The physical level. For others, however, such as Those who choose To act Positively and survive The due activation of Seal #6, it is The greatest Time To be alive! And The opportunity To live during The Millennial Age, and be able To reincarnate under His Positive Administration, will grant human beings a period for spiritual development and physical life unequaled in The past 6,000 years.

Spiritual Vibrations

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There’s a strum, There’s a cord

To everything we Touch

In every spoken word

In everything we munch.

Some are high,

Some are low,

Some hit The sky

Others hit The floor

In foods we eat

In metals, and in boars

Remember That coffee you got as a Treat?

It just lowered your vibrations more

By a whopping percentage of Three score!

That’s right!

Foods you bite

Deduct of add To your spiritual health

High vibration foods

Build high vibration cells,

High vibration Thoughts,

Closer To your Creator and heavenly wealth.

This These foods HE said don’t eat.

HE doesn’t lie, HIS word nothing can beat.

HE’s The same Today as yesterday

If you’re To live with HIM on High

You must HIS laws abide.

Peter knew very well what he saw in The vision

According To Law could not be a revision

Yahshua came To show us The way

Living in The Father’s Perfect will every day.

Of swine or lobster He did not eat

His body built of high vibrations, death He did defeat.

Elijah, Enoch and Melchizedek Too

Tho Adam and Eve To His laws were untrue

They built Their cells of a low vibration

were left here To die with The rest of The population

Back up The ramp of The Command Ark To HIM unite

But disobedience and low vibrations created Their plight

Your Bible bares only a hint

Of its original blueprint

Edited, deleted, so much depleted

Vitiated, and only a fraction repeated

Libraries of The ancients were purposely decimated

For The Creator have our rulers hated.

The Chapel of St. Joseph and The Twelve at Glastonbury

They’re unearthing Easter Island but everything is blurry!

The Temples of Memphis and Thebes

The Great Pyramid’s keys

Stonehenge, Alexandria’s records, and greater

The Sacred Measures of our Great Creator

With no knowledge of his past

Man repeats history doomed To be outcast.

HIS Law is Perfect nothing supersedes it

Man’s laws lead directly To The slavery pit.

So choose The vibration That will ring in you

And To whom you serve and will be True.


The Tree of Life=High Vibration Food Chain

The Tree of Good and Evil=Low Vibration Food Chain