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Faith Tells me 

That no matter

What lies 

Ahead of me,

YAHWEH is Already




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True Science Vs. Modern Science (or) Measurements vs. Experiments.

     Originally science was defined as a state of knowing, as opposed To belief. Today, science has degraded into a systemized structure of observation, study, and experimentation carried on in order To determine The nature or principle of That which is being studied. Stop and Think about The great difference That lies between These Two meanings.

         Today, The pillars of ¨modern¨ science are stuck within The limited abilities of how well its scientists interpret The readings They obtain from Their observations, studies, and experiments.

         A good example of This situation resulted in NASA´s reply To Peanuts Carter when he asked Them To investigate The ¨UFO phenomenon¨. NASA´s answer was, ¨We have nothing To measure¨. Well, That was True. NASA had attempted To measure something which was inconceivable in Their presently known world. NASA´s 3 1/2-dimensional-procedure observing minds didn´t even do as well as Their Technical registering equipment.

        It is not machines at which I point an accusing finger; it is men. In The case of The ¨UFO enigma¨, it has been left To These men–The scientists, politicians, and The news media–To communicate To The public what ¨modern¨ science has come up with.

        Communication is The crux, for it is within communication That The key lies To understanding, and understanding we must, if we are To communicate at The highest level for Total Positive progress. The Perfect Facts are now available for Those who care To look, see, and hear. Communicating These Perfect Facts To others is The current difficult step.

        In The process of establishing The highest form of communication between any Two parties, There needs To be a method of describing points in exact Terms. Man has at his disposal pure mathematics as his only exact science. Therefore, mathematics is The purest physical means of contacting intelligence or conversing intelligently at This Time. I am not herein considering The superior form which requires lesser degree of friction in That of so-called mental Telepathy owing To man´s present extreme state of degradation.

       The modern English language of Today is merely a form of ultimate babylon. What is considered acceptable speech in The various circles of Today is only a further degradation of earlier languages.* Rather Than projecting The course of development of The future English language, we would be wiser To Trace The derivations, pushing These further back To where we see The reappearance of a form of rhythmical compostion To The sentances. At This age, The sentances are in verse form, arranged metrically in accordance with stress and length, pitch and pause. You should no be asking yourself if There is something more To poetry Than you had Thought…or music–¨sentences¨ of patterned strong and weak beats in a measure.

      Continuing back we find The language of numbers reappearing. The greatest history book presently available To The masses, The Bible (although incomplete Today because of man´s deteriorating, destructive actions, and The many Translations it has undergone), is one example of a book That was first recorded at a Time when its ¨writers¨ understood The communicating form of numbers. Contained within The Bible There are certain sacred phrases and words, which The CREATOR did not allow man To prevert beyond a certain degree, which retain higher, hidden meanings and can be returned To numbers for proving certain Perfect Facts.


        If we resume our Tracing back To earlier Times, we would find That communication with numbers had degraded from The earlier form which was MEASURES. Measures are The communicating method of our CREATOR. One example remaining Today of The method of Measures communication is That of The Great Pyramid, magnificently constructed by The Positive Section of The O.D.F., in which all Measurements are significant. There are few Today who call This great work ¨The Bible in Stone¨.

        Whether you Take The Great Pyramid, The original Bible, or The modern words That come out of The O.D.F.-A.T.A. Base Operation, you find compatibility among The Three and Their communicative forms. Unfortunately, however, The first Two have been affected by Time. Although The first Two had connections To our CREATOR´s MEASURES, now A.T.A. Base has direct physical connection with HIS MEASURES, carried in The belly of The Command Starship Ark, which is an Absolute established for man´s standard. This Absolute is what gives reality its relativity, and also relativity its reality. Think about it!

       In The meantime, with his ¨modern¨ science, man reaches out–observing, studying, and experimenting with his surroundings (much as does a baby in its first months after birth). In This process of familiarizing, he must establish relevances. This proceeding, in fact, derives notions of limitations; space (distance) and speed (change). (Energy is merely a component of change.) But man´s monumental mistake began when he established These relevances relative To himself. Where one places one´s references, while attempting an understanding of one´s surroundings, has a highly crucial significance in determining whether or not The person grasps reality.

       Man´s relevance with Time (man´s present 3 1/2-dimensional Knowledge of Time, plus The Knowledge of The 4th and 5th Dimensions which he has lost) is what he should be seeking To understand and Take note of. Man may construct a clock or watch and Then set it or he may change his 3 1/2-dimensional account of Time from Central Standard To Daylight-savings Time, The sun, The stars, nor any Time Station is changed when man resets his clock-Time (3 1/2-dimensional Time).


       Man is relative To Time in That The CREATOR´S Time allows man a place in which To qualify himself. Time influences man. Man does not influence Time. That is, man´s Time-place in Time is small and does not create nor alter Time. Therefore, man must Take into account his relevances To Those TIMED and MEASURED events and Those results of actions (cause and effect) Throughout The process of Time. Noteworthy–The builders of Stonehenge were superior To modern man in This sense, for They paid close attention To Time. How many view Stonehenge as indicating To its keepers not The movement of The sun or stars To Themselves, but The movements and relation of Time Station Earth and its occupants To The Heavens? Some might ask, ¨What´s The difference?¨ The magnitude of This point concerns The matter of establishing and ecologated perspective and, Therefore, correctly ordered priorities. What happens in The Heavens (macrocosm) affects man. That is, The Heavens influence man. Man reflects This action of The Heavens. However, T.S.E. reflects or reacts To The Heavens before man does (or before he becomes aware). By observing T.S.E.´s reflection, change, or shift in relativity To The Heavens, man can know what he must do in advance.

            Effects are a Two-way street. Man could influence The Heavens if he were allowed To, i.e., man could make T.S.E. a black (dead) planet (altering The microcosm). This, if it happened, would result in affects To The Heavens. This action would make humatons (degenerated man) very happy because They would be affecting Creation, Thereby making Themselves greater Than Their CREATOR. Man, affecting Creation on a large scale is against Universal Law.

           The Battle between man and Heaven is not new. Any open study of The present spiritualists, UFOnuts, New Age contacts and ways of dealing with The Battle situation clearly shows That These above mentioned oppose, as did many in The past, The O.D.F.-A.T.A. Base Operation. We are The only ones That are Totally pro-YAHWEH. Every 7,000 years The Positive Section of The O.D.F. must base on T.S.E. for 1,000 years for The purpose of setting Things in order again so man does not destroy himself and, Therefore, cause an effect in The Heavens.

           Man must place his references (relevances) To coincide with The points of our CREATOR´S Absolute. Our CREATOR´S MEASURES are for This purpose.

           Time was created by our CREATOR before man was.  Therefore, it is we who pass in Time. That is To say, man moves within Time. Time does not change, it is we and all Thngs, including energy, That change within Time. Time is The certainty in which man must establish himself. Man must conform To The framework of events That are TIMED and MEASURED or he destroys himself.

Everything is on Time, as everything is in Time. Time changes everything, and Time waits for no one.

            The Second Law of Thermodynamics has been frequently assumed To rule The Universe. With This erroneous assumption, modern science imprisions all followers into This self-made 3 1/2-dimensional cubasphere (man´s limits of his known dimensions or surroundings). This is one reason why The graduates of The red educational system cannot deal with A.T.A. Base. These followers of The Second Law of Thermodynamics have built a proud ¨structure¨ ( a ¨scientific¨ community; actually a pseudo scientific cult) which is nw imperiled by any expansion of The intellect Thru The Perfect Facts of 5-Dimensional Knowledge which far exceed The conceptual or experimental limits set by The institutions of man. Most of Those who become aware That a problem exists within Their pseudo scientific community, seek To escape Their prison by Taking up religio-philosophies (further belief structures); Thereby missing The mark or choosing To remain ignorant of The Perfect Facts of Universal Law. In The course of discovering Themselves in a self-created problem, They create a bigger future problem in order To cover-up The present existing problem. They liberalize Their standards, principles, and structure; Thereby liberalizing The relevance of relativity—in effect, Throwing The baby out with The dirty bath water. This ultimately results in Their becoming divorced from reality.

        Man, with his limitedly measured relativity, attempts To study and understand reality. He measures some–in his 3 1/2-dimensional way, communicates This To his neighbor–utilizing ultimate babylon (a poor method) , and yet expects To correctly define where his priorities lie.

        It is not science That is evil; it is man´s ways n his scientific efforts with no absolutes That are evil. In science, as in other matters, one must select one of Two foundations: The negative if restricted To 3 1/2 dimensions, or The Positive  which embraces The full 5 Dimensions. The foundation upon which science is built determines whether or not it stands The full Test of Time. And This is what reality is all about!


Are You of The One Percent?

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1 percent

           A Truism spoken by an important historical figure stated: ¨The masses of people do not reason; They are driven forward by fanaticism and hysteria.¨ Why is This True? It is True because according To The Master MEASURES of our Creator´s Command Starship Ark only 1% of The continental (N.A.) population is able To survive during Armageddon. The other 99% are mainly descendents of The negative Section of The Outer Dimensional Forces and are destined, by Their own choice, To be killed under The activation of Seal #6.

          The 99% (read: The masses of people) do not respond To Their Service Modules. They are not Positive beings. Theirs is The present RED system and empire, and They like it! The O.D.F.-A.T.A. Base Operation is designed and presented To be acted upon by The 1% who are Positive, Thinking people. We have consistently refused To present This Operation in a manner That would appeal To The emotionlism (read: fanaticism) of The 99%.

        The masses hear of The A.T.A. Base Operation. They read of it. And yet, They do not respond. Apparently, The masses of people do not reason! Being The descendents of The negative Section of The O.D.F., They are driven forward by belief and faith unfounded upon by Perfect Facts. Fanaticism and hysteria are The devil offspring of This Type of belief and faith.

       Had our Elders and Superiors of The O.D.F., for example, burned down Washedup, D.C. by 5-D.O. power at The bidding of The masses, how many of Them would have stampeded down here To ¨sign up¨? How many would Then have believed? How many would have succumbed To panic (read: hysteria)? What would be The motivation? Ultimate proof, you say? NO!, emotional hysteria and fanaticism would have driven Them into a mentally unstable response, subject To any other emotional whim That might come along after The initial appeal wore off. In other words, They would be The first To rebel later. These kinds of people will not survive Armageddon! Are you of The 1% or of The 99%?


In The Darkest Cavern

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In The darkest cavern

Where you cannot see The light

When The stars of heaven hide

Their faces in The night.

Almighty arms are holding you

Safely as HIS own.

Making sure you never face 

The darkness all alone.


A Light At The End of The Tunnel

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There´s a light at The end of The Tunnel,

There´s love That awaits me There,

All cares and Troubles I will leave behind

As I climb The golden stair.   


There´s a light at The end of The Tunnel,

There To meet my Yahshua face To face

And I´ll be in The Home That I longed for,

Saved by His heavenly grace.

Helen Parker


The Sign of The Son of Man in Heaven

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            “And Then shall appear The Sign of The Son of man in heaven…and They shall see The Son of man coming in The clouds of heaven with power and great glory.


The upright pyramid you see in The above map (to be updated shortly) is a very important part of The preliminary proof available for you To check regarding The validity of The O.D.F.-A.T.A. Base Operation. It was created and measured for you by your 5 Dimensional  Command Time Ark Service Module Starship. This extraordinary display of 5 Dimensional Cause and Effect is for your benefit—if you can recognize its meaning, value and importance. The Knowledge of its complete synthesis and symbolism will help you To span The vast chasm That separates your simple, mundane, 3 1/2 Dimensional LIFE! Here we can give you but a general overview of The meaning and importance of This proof.

           The six-pointed star diagram is The Ultecologistically Engineered (5 Dimensional Starship created and controlled) MEASUREMENTS for A.T.A. Base, The City Foursquare, The 37 Division Laboratory of Life, and The Millennial Time City. (Partial Linear measurements for These are recorded in The book of Revelation in The Bible.) The star is composed of The Tracks of four left-handed hurricanes (Those which bear left after reaching land) are created and controlled by 5-D.O. Starships for use in Measuring and sometimes punishment.

          The first left-handed hurricane recorded by man in This dispensation was The September 1887 hurricane*. This hurricane Measured The floor of The Ultimate KING’S CHAMBER position. The next important left-handed hurricane was created in September of 1933. This hurricane Measured The ceiling of The Ultimate KING’S CHAMBER position. These Two hurricanes bracketed The site (see “X” on map) for A.T.A. Base and The City Foursquare, which is also Center Base #37 of The 37 Division Lab-O-Life. The Lab-O-Life shall extend from The City Foursquare Control Centre and encompass The City Foursquare, and The completed six-pointed star diagram MEASURES The limits of The Millennial Time City on The new configuration of The continent after S.Day (Sterilization Day).

        Hurricane Beulah is The single most important Measurement of This six-pointed star symbol, as it Measured The sides and APEX (see 7:00 A.M. position of Beulah on Sept. 20th, 21st, and 22nd) of The Upright Triangle of The Pyramid Symbol. The Pyramid is The Stone Kingdom symbol of ancient Israel and symbolizes The Positive Brotherhood composed of Angels and man. The Son of man proclaimed Himself To be “The Stone which The builders rejected”, The Stone which became THE HEAD OF THE CORNER! He is symbolized by The APEX or CAPSTONE of The Pyramid symbol. Once again our Positive Saviour has raised His “Temple” in Three Days (John 2:18-21). Hurricane Beulah symbolizes The return of our Positive Saviour, Commander YAHSHUA HAMASHIIA, fulfilling The scripture of Matthew 24:30. The return of Commander Hamashiia—with power and great glory—was symbolized by The Sign of The Son of man, which is The CAPSTONE (Matt. 21:42) or APEX of The Upright Pyramid symbol. The word BEULAH means MARRIED! The reuniting of The Capstone of All Seeing Eye (spiritual presence) with The lower structure (material world of man) of The Pyramid Symbol symbolically shows The Marriage of The Lamb (Rev. 19:7) which shall become Full Reality on S. Day when The poles are adjusted by The activation of Seal #6 (Rev. 6:12). What better Time To show His return Than on His True birthday—September 21st! Since hurricanes exist in The first heaven, The atmosphere, The Sign of The Son of man did indeed appear in heaven—for all To see! Hurricane Fern was a spin-off or second phase of Beulah, and it Measured The Base of The Upright Triangle.

        The inverted Triangle of The symbol was created on The night of September 4, 1968. It was To be used as an “overlay” in conjunction with The hurricane-Measured Upright Triangle, To form The completed six-pointed Seal of Solomon and Starshield of David. The “overlay” which appeared in “heaven” also, would be known To humatons as an “atmospheric phenomena”. The distinctive difference in This particular “phenomenon”, however, was That its lines and angles were straight and sharp, with none of The characteristic curves of natural atmospheric phenomena. The northwest apex of The “overlay” was Measured To point 45° west of The due north Measurement of Hurricane Beulah and Fern after They reached dissipation stage results in The incompleted measurements on The above map.

       This Ultecologically engineered preliminary proof was Measured for The re-establishment of man’s six-pointed history—To fulfill Time and portents necessary To guide HIS people To survival during This present Armageddon. The six-pointed star symbol is composed of The representational Triangles of The Positive (Upright) and negative (inverted) Birthrights necessary for man’s complete development under free moral agency. This symbol binds our past, present and future under our Great CREATOR, YAHWEH, and HIS Outer Dimensional Forces. The Great Pyramid at Gizeh in Egypt stands as Tangible proof To This Perfect Fact, and is itself a witness To The Reality of The Positive Brotherhood composed of Angels (The O.D.F.) and man. Our history is Measured in This structure by a greater Knowledge Than man has Today; a Knowledge of Sacred Harmonies and Measures which establish The Cosmic Contact for demonstrating and verifying The inherent 5 Dimensional unity HE Created between The macrocosm of The Universe and The human microcosm.

        The six-pointed star, called The Seal of Solomon and Starshield of David, was Created by The Great YAHWEH for HIS people as a symbol of Their 5 Dimensional Life. It belongs To The Birthright People, The ISRAELITES. Do not mistake This symbol as merely a religious medallion of The Jews (who are but one Tribe of The Israelites). It covers all Tribes Thru direction of The Birthright Holders. It embodies The awesome power of The Great YAHWEH and serves as a beacon and shield for all who come unto HIM!





* a future article will Tell more about This important hurricane

His Illuminating Light

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If I can´t give You all my days

Please work Thru me in little ways

And let a fragment of Your light

Illuminate my mortal night

Until I gladly give The whole

All my life and all my soul.