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Are You Lucky?

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Hoping is futile and unlikely To happen unless you´re lucky.

And Luck is for The ill prepared.



Direction…or Speed?

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Direction is so much more important Than speed.

Many are going nowhere fast.Race-Car-Wallpaper-I8R


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To whom do ye bestow Thy allegiance? Can Thy leaders count The hairs upon Thy head? Can The banner which ye praise bring meat To thy Tables or water To thy jars? Thy allegiance given To a man, a nation who without a blink of an eye hath Traded Thee and Thy unborn children into slavery for incurred debts To Thine opposing nations. Who doest Thou owe Thy allegiance To before all else? The ONE who will NEVER forsake or fail Thee, Will never lie nor deceive Thee.  Who honors HIS people when honored HIMSELF…who gaveth Thee life and didst breathe The breath of life into Thy nostrils.

Who created Thee This planet and all within and without it? As Thy Maker, Thy CREATOR, Thine art HIS!


Praise HIM all ye people,

Praise HIM with Timbral and dance,

Praise HIM with stringed instruments and organs!

Praise HIM on The high sounding cymbals

HIS praises liveth in The mouth of HIS people!

He resides in The praises of HIS people!

Consider Paul and Silas when Through Their praises The prison walls came Tumbling down! Or when Joshua marched around Jericho! When did our kings fail To be anointed of YAHWEH? When was it we became discontented with perfection and sought a man To be our king? What folly To Think we could do better Than The best of all!



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Coffee! Ah,The aroma and blissful Taste of a fresh brew made just right to your liking! But have you ever imagined or Thought about The cost of That delightfully sinful cup? Coffee, caffeine, energy drinks, guarana all alike stimulate an increase in heart rate and, one might say, The use of energy from your Tomorrows. In other words, robbing one’s body of energy for future use, Thus aging a person faster. Coffee also alters one’s hormones, Causing imbalances so vital,especially To awoman’s makeup. An imbalance in a woman’s hormones can cause cancer, fibroid cysts and Tumors, weight gain, and mood swings, among many other problems, including coffee headaches which are very similar to migraine headaches. Another factor one might also consider, in regard To The coffee/energy-drink habit, is The fluids excreted and lost Through increased urination. The water lost actually dehydrates one’s body, leaving a person’s skin less supple and one’s cells with less water, making them incapable of moving Through a person’s organism with The fluidity needed To maintain proper health.
 If you want To get even deeper—-coffee also diminishes one’s vibrations by merely smelling its aroma lowering communication with our Creator! Two men, who each had a frequency of 66 MHz, held a cup of coffee, without drinking any. The frequency of one dropped to 58 MHz in three seconds. Then, after Taking The coffee away, and inhaling the aroma of essential oils, his frequency returned to 66 in 21 seconds. The second man Took a sip of coffee and his frequency went down to 52 in Three seconds. Without The use of essential oils, it Took Three days for his  frequency To return To 66 MHz. Keeping all This in mind, you might reconsider The next Time you’re Tempted To head for your local coffee shop!
There are great coffee alternatives on The market That make it easier Than ever To make That Transition. Another easy and Tasty alternative is Toasted rolled oats which have been ground. Just add To hot milk for a healthy alternative To cappuccino.



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Comfort comes as a guest,

Lingers To become a host,

And stays To enslave us. 


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Many have noticed without a clear understanding of why The Israelite people were not To wear fabrics of different varieties together (Dt. 22:11). Many Through a lack of understanding and knowledge have believed These statutes To be frivolous and without rhyme or reason.

But in fact our Great Creator does NOTHING without reason!

Everything in existence from The words uttered from one´s mouth To The pounding of a hammer, metals, fabrics, foods That we eat and all That we do-within it is a vibration-or a frequency if you would.

With This in mind you might liken wearing Two different metals or fabrics at The same Time with something on a visual scale as That of wearing perhaps a gingham print shirt with That of a vividly striped pair of slacks! Just imagine what That would do To your eyes! But vibrations go even deeper Than That! 

They affect one´s health, well-being and spiritual development.

One can liken it To music in harmony or out of Tune depending on The situation. Vibrations can often be felt by someone very much in Tune with nature and someone very spiritual. But in This world of ever growing technological distractions, noisesome traffic, ¨music¨, work, stress, etc. (The list goes on and on) most people are oblivious To These vibrations.

This being said The vibrations of The foods we eat can increase our spiritual awareness and our connection To our Heavenly Family or distance us by closing That connection by The low vibrations of our physical body.

When we eat low vibration foods it also changes our Thought patterns and undoubtedly our moods and choices, creating a negative state.

Let´s say a person is living a rather healthy lifestyle is physically active and enjoys a Time of solitude with our Great Creator. You can imagine This person is fairly easy going and has a healthy attitude-which stems also from a healthy Thought life and healthy behaviours. But just imagine This person starts on a going out streak of restaurant meals, fast food with fountain drinks, big gulps, dunkin´donuts, coffee and late nights out with The gang-how might you imagine This person´s attitudes, behaviours and Thought patterns changing? It doesn´t happen all at once-but it happens subtly and so gradually That you barely notice The Transition.

Low-vibration foods – The Tree of Good and Evil food chain-some of which you can find in Leviticus 11- are mostly feel good, Taste good, denatured and unkosher ¨foods¨ filled with preservatives and poisons alike. These so called ¨foods¨being of low-vibrations also build (or rather degenerate) ones cells, Thus ones Thoughts, attitudes and behavioural Tendencies and choices. Not To mention Through This deterioration one´s connection To God is severed. Once severed unless one seeks To reverse These effects whole heartedly The Tendency is To drift farther and farther away rather Than back To our Father-as most seek To please self  (idolatry) over God.

Have you ever heard of someone who when hearing musical notes can see each note as a different color? This would also follow with The aura of an individual-also being an array of colors. The colors of one´s aura would be reflective of one´s vibrations-whether low –or high. And whether low or high would of course be determined by which foods-whether from low-vibration (Tree of Good and Evil food chain) or high-vibration (Tree of Life-food chain) one chooses To build his/her body out of.

For The Truth is-and as The saying goes-you are what you eat!

Something else That comes to mind in regards to vibrations in The world we live Today is HOW MUCH our ¨modern¨ conveniences disrupt The vital energy flow of vibrations in The natural world our Great Creator YAHWEH made. Most of our ¨modern¨ conveniences are friction based.  We really haven´t gotten past The stone age and The invention of The wheel (as you know wheels are on just about everything That moves). But That´s a Topic for a different subject!              

Friction creates heat and in Turn The wear and Tear of components (not To mention a LOT of NOISE). This in Terms of vibrations would be low or negative vibrations. And as you may have guessed most all The ¨music¨ in our ¨modern¨ world also disrupt This natural harmonic flow of vibrations along with cell phones, computers, television and millions of other gadgets.              

     Negative thoughts also lower one’s frequency (rate of electrical energy) by 12 MHz. POSITIVE thoughts RAISE one’s frequency by 10 MHz. Prayer and meditation increase frequency levels RAISING one’s frequency by 15 MHz!

How long has it been since you Took a vacation from The WORLD?



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Religion is like a man with only one arm

and one leg Trying To get you To cut

off your arm and leg so you can be like him.


Religion Defined:

Religion being composed of Two points of

philosophy in That of Belief and Faith.

Religion is any Thought/action system

based upon Theory, not Perfect Facts!

Hence lacking The Third essential point-