Are You of The One Percent?

1 percent

           A Truism spoken by an important historical figure stated: ¨The masses of people do not reason; They are driven forward by fanaticism and hysteria.¨ Why is This True? It is True because according To The Master MEASURES of our Creator´s Command Starship Ark only 1% of The continental (N.A.) population is able To survive during Armageddon. The other 99% are mainly descendents of The negative Section of The Outer Dimensional Forces and are destined, by Their own choice, To be killed under The activation of Seal #6.

          The 99% (read: The masses of people) do not respond To Their Service Modules. They are not Positive beings. Theirs is The present RED system and empire, and They like it! The O.D.F.-A.T.A. Base Operation is designed and presented To be acted upon by The 1% who are Positive, Thinking people. We have consistently refused To present This Operation in a manner That would appeal To The emotionlism (read: fanaticism) of The 99%.

        The masses hear of The A.T.A. Base Operation. They read of it. And yet, They do not respond. Apparently, The masses of people do not reason! Being The descendents of The negative Section of The O.D.F., They are driven forward by belief and faith unfounded upon by Perfect Facts. Fanaticism and hysteria are The devil offspring of This Type of belief and faith.

       Had our Elders and Superiors of The O.D.F., for example, burned down Washedup, D.C. by 5-D.O. power at The bidding of The masses, how many of Them would have stampeded down here To ¨sign up¨? How many would Then have believed? How many would have succumbed To panic (read: hysteria)? What would be The motivation? Ultimate proof, you say? NO!, emotional hysteria and fanaticism would have driven Them into a mentally unstable response, subject To any other emotional whim That might come along after The initial appeal wore off. In other words, They would be The first To rebel later. These kinds of people will not survive Armageddon! Are you of The 1% or of The 99%?


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